ZywOo currently isn’t one of the best five players in the world

Before you jump down my throat, which three of ropz, broky, YEKINDAR, Spinx, NiKo, Ax1le or b1t is ZywOo on current form better than?

2022 has been a difficult year for our French friend, and not just because he has to try and understand apEX’s English. Because he has to understand apEX’s calling, too.

Coming into the Major, ZywOo’s Vitality are nowhere near favourites, and for the first time in a while, there’s no real talk of ZywOo being the MVP, either.

A symptom, or a cause?

ZywOo’s relative struggles are interesting, largely as we’ve never seen this happen. He came into tier one as an absolute freak, and then just stayed at that level.

Until, like, now. Vitality are mediocre, and whether or not that’s because of ZywOo’s struggles or the reason for Zywoo’s struggles is up for debate. I could tell you the answer, but I’m sure it’ll become clear in time.

Either way, it does mean that ZywOo is coming in as a dark horse for once, and at the moment doesn’t even look set for a top 5 place at the end of the year.

We’ve all been there, mate. But you haven’t.

Won’t be seeing much of this happy face. More sad face.

ZywOo is sitting at a measly 1.2 rating this year, and that’s with the added 0.1 or so you get automatically for AWPing. 

Spinx is putting up similar numbers without having to use the cheating gun, while YEKINDAR is having a hell of a lot more impact on the rounds with opening kills; something ZywOo was famous for.

The riflers are running rampant, but there’s also broky who has overtaken ZywOo as the go-to late round AWPer. Admittedly, he gets much nicer late round scenarios that aren’t ‘mate can you kill these four players while you have 55 hp, oh also please ignore the screaming Frenchman in your ear’.

Mind you, he should be used to that.

The fact that we’re not talking about Vitality as one of the favourites for the Major is proof enough that ZywOo isn’t at his peak level. He’s had mediocre teams before, and they were still dangerous. He’s not able to drag this team over the line, and I think that’s all about him, and not the team.

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