Credit: League of Legends

Zeri ready to zoom into the LEC starting Week 4

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC)’s competition manager, Deniz Günay, has confirmed on Feb. 02, 2022 that Zeri will be featured in the LEC starting Week 4.

Despite receiving the green light for the competitive stage, Zeri has experienced many bugs since her release. The champion's kit provided unusual levels of mobility for marksmen, outpacing any champion so far.

Since then, Riot released a hotfix for her interactions with the item ''Runaan's Hurricane'', which allowed Zeri to get multiple stacks when auto-attacking people. The situation was extremely bad as no one could get even close to the champion.

Furthermore, on the recently released Patch 19.3, Riot Games nerfed Zeri due to her dominance on the rift. The champion received nerfs to two of her abilities, as well as her initial movement speed. However, since the LEC is one patch behind newly released patches, Zeri will have the chance to show us how broken she was upon her release.