The Minecraft and wider gaming community recently mourned the loss of Technoblade, a Minecraft YouTuber who passed away from cancer.

On the day that his death was announced, Technoblade’s father posted a heartfelt YouTube video to the Minecrafter’s channel, thanking his fans and presenting a short statement from Technoblade, himself.

Clickbaiting Technoblade’s death

Naturally, this was a major topic of conversation in the gaming and YouTuber community – with some having more tact than others.

YouTuber, ItsOwen, posted a video with clips of MrBeast playing Minecraft with Technoblade, claiming that it was the “last time MrBeast spoke to Technoblade” and that it was the former’s “reaction to his death.”

None of that was true, though. Essentially, ItsOwen clickbaited the tragic death of another creator, using the likeness of the most popular creator on the platform.

As you can see, YouTube didn’t take too kindly to this.

YouTube terminated ItsOwen’s channel and confirmed its decision on Twitter.

ItsOwen’s tweets are now protected – likely due to the backlash over his video.

Some are claiming that ItsOwen has started a second channel, but it’s not confirmed whether or not it’s truly him. It could be someone uploading his now-deleted content.

ItsOwen has been well known for making clickbait content in the past, revolving around fake streamer storylines and misleading thumbnails. This one appears to be a step too far for YouTube, although it’s doubtful that this is ItsOwen’s first infraction.

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