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Yoru finally getting his day in the sun – but maybe not in pro play

Finally, after months of promises, the Yoru rework is here.

This Act, Riot focused on some substantial balance changes to existing agents and maps rather than adding a new one. 

We saw an Icebox adjustment, a big Astra nerf that accompanied controller changes, and the long-awaited Yoru update.


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Will the Yoru rework be enough?

These are some of the biggest changes we've seen to an agent in a long time - possibly ever. 

Yoru has always occupied one of the more niche roles in Valorant. He's the only true flanker on the roster, but his abilities were far too easy to identify and counter.

These changes addressed that exact problem. Yoru's abilities will now be harder to detect, making him much more viable at all levels of play.

Yoru changes at a glance

  • Fakeout now spawns a decoy with 150HP. When the decoy is destroyed, enemies are flashed.
  • You can now fake your teleport with Gatecrash
  • Dimensional Drift lasts longer and Yoru is not revealed to enemies.

Riot Games

There have always been some impressive, big-brain Yoru mains out there, and this buff will be huge for them.

But will these changes be enough to bring him into the pro meta? I don't think so.

Although Yoru is a great flanker, he still doesn't do anything better than other agents - except for mind games.

The only way I could see him being used is by teams trying to fake a site, but that's a small specialty for an entire agent pick.

In short: I think we'll see a lot more Yoru in ranked ladder. Pro teams will experiment with him, but he may go the way of Neon - a fun and interesting agent that pros continue to neglect.