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XSET, Version1, Akrew & NRG qualify for NA Challengers main event

The competitive Valorant preseason continues to chug along as the NA Open Qualifiers 1 wrapped up last night.

After a marathon of competition and a fair big of drama, Version 1, XSET, Akrew, NRG advance to the Main Event.

XSET and Version1 both made it out of the upper bracket without losing a map.

NRG lost to XSET and Akrew lost to Version1 - both lost another map against still competition in lowers.

Riot Games

TSM and T1 were embroiled in some cheating allegations, as the former accused the latter's coach of speaking to them mid-game.

After that, we saw a warning, tech pause, and Twitter war that eventually led to T1's disqualification for unauthorized communication.

Although T1 will wonder what they would have done if they were allowed to beat TSM, the result didn't end up affecting much as Akrew handled TSM 2-0.

We may see a rematch between T1 and TSM in Open Qualifier 2. If we do, it will be one of the most hotly anticipated faceoffs of NA Challengers.

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