For legal reasons, this article isn’t a joke. But you are, XSET.

As you might imagine with a headline like that, the tweet has since been deleted. And as you all know, once something has been deleted on the internet, it will never exist ever again.

Anyway, here’s an artist’s rendition.

I’ll be honest and say I was getting ready to write the article about Stewie2k going to VALORANT; despite what XSET players apparently think…

…it wasn’t exactly obvious that it was a joke.

They put all the sponsors on the tweet – something which is at best, legally grey – and importantly used a player who has been talking to Wardell about switching to VALORANT. Who currently has an org, and whose image rights they don’t have legal access to.

Other than that, yeah it’s all good.

If you want to make it a joke, pick a target who we could never imagine switching, not someone who probably will switch in the next few weeks, for crying out loud.

It appears to be an attempt to riff on the Shroud switch to Sentinels, which is cool and all, but he’s not a current CSGO player.

I can’t believe I’m having to explain this.

Stewie2k has been known to be thinking about a switch to VALORANT, and recently it’s been suggested he might be benched with Evil Geniuses set to make roster changes.

XSET might be ticked off the list as a place to go, now, though.

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