XSET stave-off upset from Luminosity in LCQ

XSET came into their matchup as a heavy favorite, predicted to sweep Luminosity by some.

To their credit, we haven't seen a full-strength Luminosity in a long time, and they made a statement with their performance on Haven.

Despite a dominating map one, XSET went on to stifle the upset and move on in the bracket.

Haven: Luminosity 13 - XSET 2

LG absolutely rolled XSET on Breeze. There wasn't even much to see here, as XSET only won the force and following round on attack.

After that 2-2 split, XSET took every round with relative ease and pushed XSET onto Ascent, where LG is undefeated in the past six months.

Ascent: XSET 13 - Luminosity 8

XSET faired a lot better on Ascent, which has been a historically strong map for LG.

This was the battle of the Jetts, but PureR had a massive game, posting a 22/16/6 stat line.

You'll see the YaBoiDre highlight in the clip below, but it wasn't enough to clutch the round and keep LG alive.

Ascent: XSET 13 - Luminosity 8

Split was a good fight between two top-tier teams.

Luminosity built a lead on their defending side but XSET battled back when the sides switched, closing the series and moving on in the bracket.