This has been one of the craziest drama weeks in the history of Twitch. From cheating in chess to $300,000 gambling scams, to Harvey Winestein-esque sexual assault coverups – we’ve run the gamut with topics, this week.

Nobody with a brain is questioning the AdrianahLee sexual assault allegations, but there are still some questions about the massive alleged coverup.

AdrianahLee’s story mostly surrounded CrazySlick’s sexual assault, but Trainwreckstv and xQc have some additional allegations for Mizkif – a massive coverup job to save his best friend.

This would be massive for the LiveStreamFails side of Twitch if true, but Train and X haven’t provided any evidence for it.

The Mizkif SA coverup

There are two elements of this coverup. The first is after it happened – when Trainwreckstv claims that Mizkif sent other OTK members to AdrianahLee’s home to pressure her into making a statement.

The accounts of this one are limited, and Train admits he only knows the details from secondhand accounts – meaning it would take someone like Maya or Mitch Jones to corroborate the claim.

The second coverup element is after Train started tweeting. According to him and xQc, there was a six-hour discord call with Asmongold, Mitch, and other OTK members where they were trying to get Train to delete his tweets.

xQc has made it clear that he has a recording of the call, and he’s likely not the only one.

During yesterday’s argument with Destiny, the YouTube streamer made it clear to X and Train that they need to provide evidence for their claims if they want anyone to believe them.

While scrolling LSF, xQc was running into several comments that suggested Adrianah was exaggerating her story. That was enough for X, who then promised to leak the call – or, at least, clips of the call – within the next 24 hours.

It feels like we’re in the discovery stage of all of this. We need some hard evidence to go off of, or else how can we condemn Mizkif?

We’ll be waiting, so stay tuned to find out if xQc leaks the call – and if he does, what’s included.

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