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xQc is a vintage keyboard warrior in his drama with Mizkif

While Twitch streamer Mizkif was having one of his everyday live streams, one of his most famous coworkers, xQc, used the opportunity to stir old drama in his Twitch chat.

Mizkif has seen rapid success over the last three years and one of the ways he has achieved that is by being quite genuine on stream. He started an honest Q&A with his viewers, where they can ask any question.

While Mizkif was answering one of these questions: “Elaborate on the Austin crew gatekeeping drama,” xQc chimed in with an opinion that feels out of place as it was not being discussed.


True, we’re all lying at the same time. Like the time you wouldn’t let the girls pass you in viewers so you re-broadcasted their show against their will, then manipulated all of them against me when they I defended then. All friends, Pog.

See it for yourself:

Mizkif did not take the jab lightly, responding immediately with some examples that feel eerily similar to what xQc was criticizing.

Using Adin Ross’s stream with polarizing figure Andrew Tate as his first rebuttal. Following that, Mizkif felt inclined to remind xQc that he ditched a charity event for which he initially confirmed his attendance just to gamble on stream instead of showing up.

Mizkif pointed out that no one dares to criticize xQc because he is such a massive personality within the Twitch ecosphere.

Mizkif did not hold back, culminating in him calling xQc on Discord live on stream.

xQc failed to rise to the occasion as any true keyboard warrior would. Instead, he stayed silent.

However, on his stream, he did answer some of the backlash he was receiving. He defended himself with the fact that he’s honest about being an asshole.

Indeed, a very childish drama situation, bringing up “drama” from the past and recycling it for no good reason is unnecessary.

Big up to the chat though, who as always delivered high-quality messages making the whole situation even more entertaining.

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