Bad day, sad day

xQc contracts COVID, to take a break from streaming

Canadian Twitch stream xQc has confirmed that he’s tested positive for COVID. He plans to take a break from streaming, intending to resume activities after recovery.

xQc shared a video to social media and Twitch, admitting to having a rough time and feeling “absolutely obliterated” by the virus. “Breathing is fun, I have a headache, all my muscles hurt,” he said on his channel.

He’s had two vaccine shots, which means he’s not yet administered the approved COVID-19 booster in 2021, or the more recent Omicron variant booster of 2022. He cites “laziness” as the reason for not staying up to date with his vaccines. 

Felix Lengyel, who was the most-watched Twitch user in both 2020 and 2021, recently attended TwitchCon where he was involved in a number of events. He went back to his usual streams after the convention ended, but his absence on October 13 raised a lot of questions from worried fans.

xQc does plan to stay in touch with the community despite his COVID diagnosis, though his streaming channel will be offline for a while. He’s making a COVID video diary and plans to make more videos over the course of his illness.


TwitchCon’s safety regulations not up to the mark?

The TwitchCon management has received a lot of flack for the San Diego Convention, with complaints coming through from multiple sources. Twitch streamer and adult performer Adriana Chechik broke her spine in two places after jumping in the foam pit, requiring a five-hour surgery and months of recuperation ahead.

Another streamer Aria “AriaSaki” complained on Imane “Pokimane’s” stream about the brusque treatment by staff members at her stall in the Alley. xQc’s COVID-19 diagnosis also casts doubts on the convention’s health and safety regulations.

There was plenty of controversy regarding the organizer’s original mask-free policy, and while that was amended to mandatory masks indoors, xQc’s contraction of the virus strongly suggests that their safety standards were not up to the mark.

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