Credit: Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

Worlds 2021 – Surprising group stage stats and where to catch them

Worlds 2021 has been a great journey so far, and it goes beyond gameplay: some stats records were already broken, including the number of games per day as eight were sometimes not enough. 

We saw a total of six tiebreakers during the group stage, the most we have ever seen throughout a World Championship—and yes, Group D was a big contributor for that. 

But that’s not all: Blue/Red side win records, Deaths per game, viewership, and more stats were spicier this year than before. 

General stats for Worlds 2021 

Let’s first start off with some general tournament statistic 

  • Total games: 54 
  • Average kills per game: 27 
  • Shortest game: T1 vs DetonatioN FocusMe, 19:53 
  • Longest game: Cloud9 vs Rogue tiebreaker, 54:07 
  • Biggest bloodbath: Fnatic vs Royal Never Give Up, 54 kills 


It may come as a surprise to many, but T1 and Faker weren’t the biggest draw. According to Esports Charts’ rankings, Fnatic were. We could speculate that the problems that they faced as well as the army of Karmine Corp fans following French prodigy Adam contributed to the viewership numbers they had. 

Blue / Red side win rates per region

Some teams were underperforming throughout Worlds and they are pulling the percentages down. However, those stats are an average of all teams from the given region:

Region Blue side Win % Red side win %
LEC 50% (5W-5L) 25% (3W-9L)
LCK 80% (12W-3L) 66.67% (8W-4L)
LPL 38.46% (5W-8L) 64% (9W-5L)
LCS 60% (6W-4L) 30% (3W-7L)

Champion Presence % 

*Presence: The champion is either picked or banned during the draft phase

Champion Presence % Picks Bans
Lee Sin 98% 24 29
Twisted Fate 94% 23 28
Yuumi 94% 12 39
LeBlanc 87% 16 31
Lucian 87% 11 36
Irelia 81% 6 38
Miss Fortune 80% 35 8
Leona 70 23 15
Graves 69% 19 18
Aphelios 69% 20 17

Team and Player Statistics

The parts below are an assortment of team and player stats, some of which might be surprising to those who didn't watch Worlds much during the group stage.

Average deaths per game

Rank Team Deaths per game
1 Fnatic 27.8
2 MAD Lions 16.8
2 DetonatioN FocusMe 16.8
4 FunPlus Phoenix 15.9
5 Rogue 14.5

At last, EU is on top, but we are not sure that they chose the right ranking. 

To put EU’s feat into perspective, T1 is the last team on this ranking with an astonishingly low score: 4.8 deaths per game. 

Average kills per game

Rank Team Kills per game
1 Royal Never Give Up 18.7
2 DWG KIA 17.0
3 Hanwha Life Esports 16.9
4 Fnatic 15.7
5 MAD Lions 15.6


Average gold differential at 15 minutes

Rank Team GD@15
1 T1 +3617
2 DWG KIA +2858
3 Hanwha Life Esports +1238
4 Royal Never Give Up +1020
5 Gen.G +871

On the other hand, LCK teams seem to target the right stats with huge early game leads.

Highest Damage Per Minute player scores

Rank Team DPM
1 Khan (DWG KIA, Top lane) 608
2 Chovy (Hanwha Life Esports, Mid lane) 596
3 Deft (Hanwha Life Esports, AD carry) 567
4 Canna (T1, Top lane) 562
5 Hanabi (PSG Esports, Top lane) 560


Average CS differential at 15 minutes

* The difference in minions killed between the player and his enemy at a certain stage of the game

Rank Team CSD@15
1 Chovy (Hanwha Life Esports, Mid lane) +32
2 Bwipo (Fnatic, Jungle) +26
3 Xiaohu (Royal Never Give Up, Top lane) +24
4 Khan (DWG KIA, Top lane) +22
5 Flandre (EDward Gaming, Top lane) +16