Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Worlds 2021: LNG Esports advance to Group Stage, Infinity Esports eliminated

The LPL's #4 seed, LNG Esports, have qualified to the 2021 World Championship's main event on Oct. 7, after they went unbeaten (4-0) in Group A of the play-in stage. In their final play-in match, they beat Infinity Esports (0-4) and eliminated them from the competition.

LNG Esports were a cut above their opponents in the play-in group stage, including LCK's #4 seed Hanwha Life Esports. Their domination over their competition was made obvious against Infinity as they used the Rift Herald to destroy the nexus, prompting a "dancing Shelly."

The Chinese team joins MAD Lions, Gen.G and Team Liquid in the main event's Group D, where they have a strong chance at advancing to the Worlds playoffs. In the meantime, Infinity Esports (0-4) are headed home winless and unable to contend for a main event spot.

Group A has yet to fully unfold, but Hanwha Life Esports have secured the second spot, and they will play a Group B team on Oct. 9. At the time of writing, Group B has yet to determine their third and fourth seed, and HLE's opponent is unknown.

As for PEACE and RED Canids (who have yet to play at the time of writing), they will face off in the play-in bracket stage. The winner among them will face the #2 team of Group B for a chance at reaching the main event.