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Worlds 2021 Group Stage cheat sheet: format, when and where to watch

The first batch of games has concluded with the LCK, PCS and LPL dominating the field. In the meantime, Western teams have had a serious case of "Week 1 collapse." However, the teams will play one another once again, with LEC and LCS teams seeking to redeem themselves against the LPL, LCK and PCS' roaring tide.

If Group A's turn of events is anything to go by, we are in for a wild ride.

The groups and their standings are as follows:

Group A: 

Team W L
DWG KIA (LCK #1) 6 0
Cloud9 (LCS #3) 3 4
Rogue (LEC #3) 3 5
FunPlus Phoenix (LPL #2) 2 5


DWG KIA and Cloud9 have advanced to the quarterfinals. Cloud9 did so after participating in a three-way tiebreaker between themselves, Rogue, and FunPlus Phoenix.

Group B: 

Team W L
T1 (LCK #3) 5 1
EDward Gaming (LPL #1) 4 2
100 Thieves (NA #1) 3 3
DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL #1) 0 6


Although 100 Thieves were eliminated, their victory against EDG in the last game of Day 2 allowed T1 to claim first place without the need for a tiebreaker game.

Group C: 

Team W L
Royal Never Give Up (LPL #2) 5 2
Hanwha Life Esports (LCK #4) 4 3
PSG Talon (PCS #1) 3 3
Fnatic (LEC #2) 1 5


Fnatic did the unexpected when they beat Royal Never Give Up and paved the way for Hanwha Life Esports and RNG to fight for first place through a tiebreaker. However, RNG recovered just in time to deny HLE the first-place finish.

Group D: 

Team W L
Gen.G (LCK #2) 5 3
MAD Lions (LEC #1) 4 4
Team Liquid (LCS #2) 3 4
LNG Esports (LPL #4) 3 4


For the first time in Worlds history, a four-way tie occurred, leading to three extra games. Eventually, Gen.G secured the top seed, and MAD Lions secured second place.

Schedule for Oct. 18: Group D Decider Matches

The first game starts at 13:00 CET / 4:00 PST/ 7:00 EST / 19:00 CST / 20:00 KST. As for the games scheduled after, they start after the conclusion of the previous game.

  • Gen.G vs. MAD Lions
  • Team Liquid vs. LNG Esports
  • Gen.G vs. LNG Esports
  • MAD Lions vs. Team Liquid
  • Team Liquid vs. Gen.G
  • MAD Lions vs. LNG Esports
  • Tiebreakers if needed

Format for Oct. 15-18: 

The games will involve a single group, and they will take place in the same day. Each team will play three games on the same day, then proceed to the tiebreakers if needed.

Once all games have ended and with all ties resolved, the top two teams of each group will advance directly to the Knockout stage. Each team that is placed third and fourth in their respective groups, will be eliminated 

When and where? 

The main event’s group stage starts on Oct.11 and ends on Oct. 18, with a break for all teams on Oct. 14. Game days start at 13:00 CET / 4:00 PST/ 7:00 EST / 19:00 CST / 20:00 KST. 

You can catch the action live in the following streams: 



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