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Don't do it!!!

Why you shouldn’t buy CSGO skins right now

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy CSGO skins. Skin prices are currently through the roof, as you might have noticed. But something huge and greatly anticipated is among us.

The next CSGO operation is near

The operation means one thing, and one thing only, new skins.

And as you know, skins bring a lot of money into CSGO; people “force” themselves to sell their current skins to buy the newer skins or try to open them.

This means, all at once, there will be a flood of people trying to undercut each other on the market, leading to a sudden abundance of quantity.

This will force prices down naturally, making it a perfect opportunity to buy at a lower price than what we see today.

If you want to be impatient, so be it, but you could possibly buy twice as many items if you wait for the golden moment!

The skins that will go down in price

Now, what skins will go down in price?

The easy answer to that question is the so-called liquid skins within CSGO.

Liquid skins are generic base skins with no outstanding features, such as an AWP Asiimov or a Karambit Doppler, which doesn’t only mean cheap skins.

Skins that will be somewhat exempt are most S-tier items, such as the Gungnir, Howl, Dragon Lore, and all Katowice/sticker crafts.

So if you fancy a new knife or a cheap AK-47 Fire Serpent, this would be your chance!

Investment opportunities

This isn’t professional investment guidance or advice, but insight and opinion.

When the skin prices eventually decline after the operation’s release, there will be an excellent opportunity to buy skins and prosper off their profits.

The operation manipulates the skin economy in weird and beautiful ways.

If you’re looking to purchase new operation skins, wait until the operation concludes, as the hype will die down, and the prices will start to come down.

New operation skins are always overpriced upon release because of the limited quantity and tremendous hype.

It’s never recommended to go “full force” investment-wise during operations. Instead, it’s a perfect time to buy the skins you’ve always wanted at a lower price!

Just don’t lose the house!