paymoneywubby banned

What happened?

Why was paymoneywubby banned after Twitch changed its rules?

Popular streamer Dennis “paymoneywubby” Richardson has found himself banned from Twitch, and his fans are very curious as to the latest reason why.

Twitch recently updated its rules to allow for certain types of sexual content on the streaming platform. This immediately resulted in a number of streamers attempting to push those new boundaries, and paymoneywubby was unsurprisingly among them. Is that what led to his ban?

paymoneywubby banned after Twitch rule changes

paymoneywubby was banned almost immediately after Twitch’s latest rule changes, leading many fans to conclude that the two events were related. It’s not hard to imagine this to be the case. A wave of streamer bans followed this rules update, and paymoneywubby was among those affected.

Ironically, these bans were made after Twitch seemingly lifted some of its restrictions on sexual content. The easing of restrictions wouldn’t typically lead to a new wave of bans, including of some notable streamers.


But it seems as though many streamers responded to the rule change by pushing in the new direction with abandonment. Some did it because they were encouraged by the changes, while others did it to make a point.

paymoneywubby seems to have fallen into the latter camp. It wouldn’t be the first time the popular streamer had teased or pushed the boundaries of Twitch’s rules. It seems that this time, he may have pushed them too far.

When will paymoneywubby be back on Twitch?

paymoneywubby is likely to be back on Twitch soon after his latest ban. The streaming platform tends be more generous and understanding towards its bigger streamers, of which paymoneywubby certainly is one.

That doesn’t mean he’ll be back immediately. It’s possible that the streamer could be removed from the platform for a few days. But it’s highly unlikely that the ban would last any longer than that, and it’s almost inconceivable that the ban would be permanent.

In the meantime, fans will still have the streamer’s YouTube channel to refer back to while they await the return of the streamer to Twitch.

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