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Why was Melina banned from Twitch? Will she be back soon?

Fans of popular streamer Melina Goransson were alarmed to find that she was banned from Twitch as of December 29. Will the streamer be back on the platform soon, or could this ban be a lasting one?

That’s the big question on the minds of Melina’s fans and subscribers after news came down that she had been banned from Twitch. No context was given by Twitch, as is typical for the platform’s bans. But what do we know about the ban, and will it stick to Melina for some time to come?

How long is Melina banned from Twitch?

The most important news for fans of Melina is that her latest ban from Twitch isn’t likely to be a long one, as the streamer isn’t expected to be banned for more than a single day. The source of this information is none other Melina herself, who made the proclamation on X, formerly known as Twitter, in a message to her fans and followers.

The news was immediately welcomed by the streamer’s followers, though not everyone was equally thrilled. Many Twitch users appear more curious than anything else, wanting to know just why the ban was handed down to begin with and lacking any solid context for it, either from Melina or Twitch.

That’s not unusual for Twitch. The streaming platform rarely gives any explanations for its various bans, whether offenders are being suspended for the first time or for the tenth. Melina being banned from Twitch clearly wasn’t enough to change this trend, and the streamer hasn’t yet seemed interested in sharing the exact reason for the ban herself either.

melina banned

Some fans have wondered whether the ban has anything to do with Melina’s association with another popular streamer, Steven “Destiny” Bonnell. While the two are aligned together, there was conjecture that Destiny’s fans may have had a hand in the ban being delivered, but this seems to be little more than baseless speculation at this point.

Regardless of the reason for her being banned from Twitch, Melina should be back soon if she’s right about her quick return. That’s good news for her many fans, and it’s likely good news for Melina too, as she tries to maintain her streaming momentum.

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