asianbunnyx banned
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Back soon?

Why was asianbunnyx banned on Twitch? When will she be back?

Popular streamer asianbunnyx has been banned on Twitch, and her fans are scrambling to find out more about why the ban was delivered and when she might return to streaming.

Theories are already flying, and there’s no shortage of them going around. Jessica “asianbunnyx” Ly was known for pushing the boundaries of Twitch’s terms of service with her provocative streams. But what exactly was it that got her banned, and when will she be back?

What got asianbunnyx banned from streaming on Twitch?

Twitch has not given the exact reason why asianbunnyx was banned from streaming on Twitch. This is not unusual, as Twitch typically does not publicly announce the reasoning for the bans they hand down against streamers.

asianbunnyx banned

This has also prompted some criticism of Twitch over the years, as not everyone appreciates the lack of transparency. Many streamers have been left wondering aloud why they were banned, and when they might be unbanned by the popular streaming platform.

In the case of asianbunnyx, there are some pretty clear ideas had by her fans. The popular streamer has taken to pushing the limits of Twitch’s terms of service, showing more and more of herself to eager fans. Streamers like asianbunnyx are engaged in a constant push and pull regarding Twitch’s rules and regulations. This new ban may speak to Twitch drawing another line in the sand regarding what it deems acceptable.

When will asianbunnyx return to Twitch?

It’s unknown when asianbunnyx will return to Twitch, as there hasn’t been any clarity offered regarding the length of her ban. The streamer has not spoken on it herself, and until either she or Twitch decides to speak out, fans of the streamer and her channels will just have to patiently wait for news.

Bans such as these can last for any amount of time. Some such bans have been as short as for a single day, while other bans have lasted for months. Some are even given out indefinitely, with the possibility of the streamer being banned permanently from performing on Twitch.

It’s unlikely that that will be the case here. asianbunnyx will probably return to streaming on Twitch sooner than later. There’s just no telling yet exactly when that will be.

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