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“Who cares?” Ninja, Sypher & Courage on Season 7 comp balance

Fortnite Season 7 is here, and players seem to be loving what it brought to the game. We have some awesome new weapons, a cool new vehicle in the UFO, and some massive quality-of-life changes that fixed issues we had with past Fortnite seasons.

From a causal standpoint, Season 7 is the best Fortnite season we’ve had in some time.

The game feels fresh – something you can say in most new seasons – but it also returned to what worked. Upgrading is simpler (albeit with high Gold requirements that will undoubtedly be lowered) and crafting is basically irrelevant in most cases – a good thing, in my opinion.

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Of course, as is the case with every Fortnite season, we have a casual vs competitive debate. Some weapons like the Recon Scanner, Rail Gun, and UFO have glaring issues for the pro scene, but does that really matter?

Ninja, CourageJD, and SypherPK don’t think so. The trio voiced their opinion in a recent stream, going so far as to say, “Who gives a sh*t about competitive.” at one point.

After winning a game, Courage gave the new Fortnite season some props. “Between the scans, Rail Guns, Launch Pads, flying ships – it’s pretty lit dude,” he told his teammates. “I mean, it’s probably horrible for competitive but who cares?”

Sypher laughed and agreed – the only streamer of the three who still regularly plays Fortnite.

Casuals and competitive players have always debated on this stuff. The cycle goes like this: pub players love something but competitive players call it overpowered. Eventually, that thing gets nerfed, and casual players blame pros for “bitching” and forcing Epic’s hand.

They’ll never admit it, but this is probably the Fortnite team’s attitude towards the competitive side of the game. Most of their money is made from skin sales, and it’s casual players who buy skins.

In games like Valorant and Overwatch, the developers balance the meta from the top down. Fortnite is too inherently unserious for that kind of approach – it always has been.

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As loud as the competitive community can be on Twitter, the bulk of the Fortnite community enjoys the game for the fun, lighthearted experience that it’s always brought us.

The best that competitive players can hope for is that Epic remove some of these problematic items from Arena before the reset happens later this month.

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