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Which teams can still qualify for the Major in Europe

With IEM Fall reaching the playoff stage in Europe, the race for the major is down to 13 teams. Some have already locked in a spot in Stockholm, while others desperately need RMR points.

Teams that have secured a spot

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The list of EU representatives for Stockholm would have always been stacked. But it’s fair to say that all the teams that already secured a spot are all outsiders for the tournament victory.

G2, NIP, Vitality, and Astralis locked in a spot by reaching the playoffs of IEM Fall. Heroic didn’t reach the playoffs but gathered enough points in previous events to secure it anyway.

Teams that are highly likely to make it

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While mousesports are out of IEM Fall, and they mathematically still can be eliminated for the major, fans of the international team can already start booking their flights to Stockholm.

All they need to lock in a spot is for one of the teams in the playoffs that previously did not score any point to finish out of the top 6. This means that if either Ence, Copenhagen Flames, Fiend, or Movistar Riders don’t reach the semifinals or win the placement bracket, mousesports qualify.

Teams contending for the final spots

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Thanks to the second European RMR event being skipped, this list consists of teams that previously didn’t score any points in the RMR ranking but reached the playoffs at IEM Fall.

Ence, Copenhagen Flames, Fiend, and Movistar Riders currently have scored at least 1406 RMR points. While this isn’t enough to lock in a spot yet, they control their future. Reaching the top-6 at the event is enough for them to qualify.

If they don’t make it to the top-6, they can still qualify non the less, depending on results from other teams.

BIG didn’t reach the playoffs at IEM Fall but just needs one victory in the placement bracket to secure their spot in Stockholm.

Teams that can mathematically still qualify

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FaZe Clan, BIG and OG failed to reach the playoffs at IEM Fall. This puts them in quite the predicament, as they no longer control their faith. They will play the placement bracket tomorrow, where both teams need to gather as many points as possible to still qualify.

OG needs to win the placement bracket to guarantee a spot in the Major. If they don’t, they no longer control their faith. FaZe is really up against it, as they need to win the bracket and other results need to go their way.