Luger, CLG became the talk of town on Reddit as the community reacted to their LCS Week 6 performance
Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games via ESPAT

Hopium Overdrive

Where were you when CLG was the talk of Reddit? LCS Week 6 Reactions

Week 6 of the 2022 LCS summer season was full of big talking points about the future of some teams, and fans were quick to give their opinions for the same on Reddit. 

We start by looking at the reactions to the in-form Cloud9’s win over Team Liquid. Fans took the mickey out of both teams—and some apprehension around Team Liquid’s form from their fans. 

Next up, Counter Logic Gaming are now in third place in the LCS standings after getting the better of Dignitas. This could come as a shock to most long time viewers: even faithful CLG fans were quick to give some backhanded compliments. 

There were also some comments about the difference between the top teams and those at the bottom. 

TSM’s Chime won a lot of admiration for his contributions in the team’s win over Golden Guardians. Here are some responses on the same:

And finally, the loss to Counter Logic Gaming wasn’t the only worry for Dignitas. A loss to 100 Thieves started larger conversations about their future.