Looking for League of Legends backgrounds? We might have some recommendations. This, for instance, is from Artstation.
Credit: David Villegas/Riot Games

Style it!

Where to find League of Legends wallpapers and phone backgrounds

League of Legends’ wide range of characters and skin artwork fits a much wider audience. Fortunately, for those looking to showcase their favorite champion artwork and skin on their phone or computer backgrounds, many solutions exist.

Riot Games’ official wallpaper/background app: League Displays

For players with varied preferences and who want to mix it up on their computers/Macs, Riot Games has made an app: League Displays.

The app features enough official artwork to allow its users to switch their League of Legends-themed backgrounds daily for years. Furthermore, the app is available on Windows and Mac OS.

However, this option does not tend to phone users, or users with different tastes.

Google Play and the App Store have many options

For those looking for an app to manage wallpapers, several options exist: all it takes is a search. Any of these keywords will land a matching fanmade app or website: “lol wallpaper,” “League of Legends Wallpaper,” or “League of Legends Backgrounds.” More search terms can land that.

However, apps have an element of risk depending on how much data they wish to access. So, while waiting for an official Riot Games app, proceed cautiously. Or, even better: downloading official art and cropping it for use.

How about unofficial art?

That’s a rabbit hole of its own, and given how murky things can get, we will not cover that beyond this PSA: communities can provide people with the opportunity to showcase their art.

That said, Artstation is a great resource, and most of the findings are safe for work. Do not be surprised to find original splash arts and Wild Rift images alongside fanart there, as professional artists also showcase their work there.