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When to expect the next CSGO operation

Operations are like the holiday season for us CSGO players. We get new maps, skins, player models, and activities all at once to share with our friends.

What do you get from CSGO operations?

You should instead ask, what do we not get?

Once a year, if that, CSGO players get everything they have ever dreamed of at once. We can expect new operation activities, like the ones we have experienced. New challenges can reward us with skins, stickers, player models, patches, and other game content.

But, of course, the community only really cares about the stickers and skins or the new profile display medal.

When can we expect the operation to release?

Considering the last three operations came out between September and December, we can expect them to release any day now.

Just be patient. For all we know, it could be released tomorrow.

Operation riptide was released when CSGO players accidentally revealed the patch notes with the operation’s announcement. It then went on to release twelve hours after the discovery.

Just ready your wallets, as we know this isn’t going to be cheap once all that content is released.

Investment advice – skins

Here is some unwanted advice to those who plan to invest in the upcoming operation’s new skins.

When the operations skins are released, the covert skins are constantly rocketing in price.

AWP Desert Hydra, AWP Fade, AK-47 X-ray, etc., all skins were priced significantly higher than most of them sell today.

This is because of the hype they obtain when the operation is released, and the skins are still new. Nobody knows how to price them, and people don’t care what they are paying.

But, when the operation is over, prices begin to fall and solidify as the hype dies down, and people can stop worrying about the skins continually being unboxed as much.

If you want to invest in operation skins, wait until the water settles.

You would be shocked how much operation skins prices change during and after the operation.

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