Credit: Complexity

When talent is not enough: poizon’s removal from Complexity

Complexity’s juggernaut hasn’t been the success it was supposed to be. While bad luck, injuries and sickness played a role in this failure, sources close to the team point to another culprit: a lack of professionalism and commitment from one of its players.

The news came as quite a surprise: in the reshuffling of their roster following the failed campaign to qualify for the PGL Major, Complexity removed AWPer poizon from its starting lineup. 

But according to information obtained by Jaxon, the decision to bench poizon was the only way forward.

How poizon held the team back

According to Jaxon’s sources, who have worked with poizon throughout his spell at Complexity, poizon rarely watched the tactical preparations made by the coaching staff. Occasionally he would even outright refuse to look at the information provided by the staff.

This resulted in the player regularly making tactical blunders and missing utility lineup in games, despite his mistakes being covered in the preparation.

According to our sources, this stemmed from a general disinterest and lack of motivation to play CS:GO apart from official matches and team practice.

His attitude was negatively impacting the team and eventually cost him his spot in the lineup.

Jaxon reached out to poizon, but the player didn’t respond to our inquiries.

Complexity refused to comment on the specifics as to why poizon was removed from the lineup.