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What we can expect in the next Escape from Tarkov wipe

With the current wipe edging towards the end of the cycle, we start to ask ourselves what we can expect in the next Escape from Tarkov wipe. And also will it be worthwhile?

Battlestate Games knows how to frustrate their player base. They do that by making them wait extensive periods before the next exciting thing happens.

For example, Streets of Tarkov was teased over two years ago, and the last released map was December 2021 – and before that, it was 2019 when they added Reserve.

Despite that, we can look forward to the upcoming wipe, but we are still brainstorming when it will happen and if Escape from Tarkov will wipe before the new year.


New weapons and modifications in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is bad at releasing maps, but they aren’t so bad at weapon updates.

We can expect to see a plethora of weapons added into the game, ready for the next wipe for players to use.

To predict what we will receive, it’s safe to say we will most likely be getting some more SMGs: We haven’t received any SMGs since the Vector and UMP.

Since then, the developers of Escape from Tarkov have added new assault rifles, bolt-action sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, and literally everything other than assault rifles.

Hopefully, Battlestate Games will introduce a new type of attachment that profoundly changes each weapon’s function, such as introducing bump stocks. Even though that might overpower everyone, it would be an excellent attachment.

Tarkov 6

Potential early access to Tarkov Arena mode

If we behave well, there is a chance we might see beta testing or early access to the Tarkov Arena mode. Maybe only for players who hold the Edge of Darkness edition – which contains the season pass.

And if the general players aren’t able to play, perhaps Battlestate will create an influencer event showcasing the map.

We shouldn’t get our hopes too high; Battlestate isn’t one to release any of their content early. Therefore we shouldn’t jump the gun. The Arena is a potential; we shouldn’t rule it off completely.

Escape from Tarkov wipes lasts for around five to seven months. Therefore we could be playing the next wipe into the middle of 2023, so is it foolish to say we will get early access or footage?

Streets Of Tarkov

The Escape from Tarkov wipe date

The date of the wipe in Escape from Tarkov is always a mystery. This is because Battlestate doesn’t like to disclose anything to their player base. Instead, it makes them wait extended periods before anything exciting happens.

YouTuber Pestily, the godfather of Tarkov, often manages to crack when the game will wipe and how long wipe cycles typically are, around five to a half months.

The wipe we are currently on began on June 29th, 2022. Therefore it only seems appropriate to think that Battlestate will wipe the game for us over the Christmas break as they have often done before.

If the game wipes over Christmas, we would’ve experienced one of the shortest wipes in Tarkov history. But then again, they wiped the game at an awkward time, and no new exciting content was released alongside the wipe.

Let’s just hope they add some cool stuff this time, or we will throw a tantrum on Twitter again.

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