WePlay AniMajor has come to an end with PSG.LGD sweeping Evil Geniuses to take the gold.

Ironically, EG have been bested at two consecutive majors by a Chinese team and settled at the second position.

The AniMajor witnessed a completely different meta as opposed to the regional leagues and it has been an eye-opener, to say the least.

Let’s dive into the beautiful world of some stats from the major!

Most Popular Heroes

Templar Assassin, Broodmother, Ancient Apparition, Mars and Puck top the most contested list at the event.

The core meta at the AniMajor has relatively remained the same; push and nuke, ultimately leading to an aggressive game style.

Templar and Puck were chosen for their abilities to nuke opponents and at the same time scale well into the late game, thus making them the perfect candidates for the mid role.

Brood and Mars are two other exceptional picks that have made it to the list for their sheer ability to survive and dictate the game flow in the offlane role.

Brood is simply annoying to play against as she pushes towers in no time, thus building pressure on the opponents, while Mars has been the star pick for his ability to dictate the pace in team fights.

Ancient Apparition is the lone hero making it to the list in the support category.. foreveralone.jpg.. and has been picked mainly for his efficient use of slowing down enemies or freezing them, literally speaking, or just blasting them off with his ultimate.

Most Successful Heroes

It’s no surprise to see Puck, Templar Assassin and Ancient Apparition in the most successful category owing to high demand.

Phoenix and Dragon Knight are the new entrants into the fray.

While the former is being picked for his team-fight ability like heal and egg that can essentially reset a team-fight, the latter is being picked as he is able to withstand heavy blows from the enemy due to his base armour and regeneration — highest in the game — and the ultra buffed Aghanim Scepter ultimate upgrade.

Black Dragon cometh!

Stats taken from Datdota and Dotabuff.

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