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Strapped for cash?

What makes the best CSGO skins inventory on a budget?

Hopefully, in this article, we will help you finalize your choice for the best CSGO skins inventory on a budget. We know picking an excellent and affordable inventory is hard! Here, we hope you will find an idea that could help you in your voyage to an incredible yet cheap inventory!

CSGO inventories are ways to express, enjoy, and show off within counter strike; when it comes down to picking your poison, you must be confident in yourself as these things aren’t cheap!

The decision of which is best for you comes down to taste and preference. Nevertheless, we all share a love for the same concepts within skins, hope this helps!

Color Creativity – themes

Dual Berettas
Image: Valve

When I speak of color creativity, I’m referencing themes. Though most inventories have a theme, it is essential to keep a color scheme in most cases to have an excellent budget inventory.

The reason for this is because it’s simply cheaper. It allows you to select a color, opening the options to cheap and expensive skins. It doesn’t matter whether you pick a cheap/expensive skin. You are still staying within the boundaries of your theme. 

This gives you an excuse to buy cheaper skins and enjoy them more. An SSG-08 abyss compliments your USP Blueprint and therefore gives it more value. 

Themed inventory example: $100~

Blue 1280x376
Image: Valve

Things are easier said than done, so here, I made up a basic blue inventory for reference or inspiration!

Pistols: USP-S Blueprint/Deagle Colbalt disruption/Glock night 

Snipers: AWP Corticera/SSG Abyss 

Rifles: M4A1-S Guardian/M4A4 Desolate space/AK-47 Blue Laminate

Knife: Navaja Blue steel

Just like that 

No knife is okay!

Will AK 1024x322 1
Image: Valve

Now, I know, I know. People want knives. But realistically, if you have, let us say $100, you simply aren’t going to go incredibly far with a knife. 

I say enjoy playing skins; realistically, how often are you going to see your knife compared to your AK/M4.

No knife allows you to get a more diverse/impressive inventory.  

Half of you would instead rep default knives than be caught with a navaja or gut knife anyway!

It is okay not to have a knife; this approach is more commendable and will be respected!

Uniqueness is the best option for CSGO Skins

Famas 1024x292 1

Uniqueness is vital when making an inventory.

Don’t be disheartened by your lack of funds, my dear friend; you can still be unique! 

In this picture, you see a basic Famas mecha industries? I see a Famas mecha industries with a hellraisers holo 2019. Despite the sticker being cheap, it’s still cool, right? 

How many of those exact Famas models do you think exist? Not many. 

Be unique, don’t be disheartened.

If you’re interested 

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