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What makes an AWP Blackiimov in CSGO? Secrets revealed

There’s a lot of misconception around the top of what makes an AWP Asiimov to an AWP Blackiimov in CSGO. And for those who don’t know, an AWP “Blackiimov” is an Asiimov that is very battle-scarred.

The skin is so battle-scarred that the pure white scope turns completely black, giving the Asiimov the “Blackiimov” effect. So let’s get into what makes an AWP Blackiimov what it is, revealing its secrets and all.

All base Asiimov information

Awp 3

AWP Asiimovs is one of CSGO’s most popular and iconic skins. They have a lot of different visual floats and essence that most other skins don’t have.

But, you must be aware of what an AWP Asiimov is.

As the AWP Asiimov will always display as an Asiimov in-game, the game doesn’t classify what a Blackiimov is and isn’t; the community does. A base AWP Asiimov is what you can see above. It is the average community skin that varies between field-tested and battle-scarred conditions.

Of course, this changes if there are priceless stickers on the AWP, but that’s another story. If the AWP Asiimov is between float values 0.18-0.959, then you have a base Asiimov. The lower the float (0.18-0.19), you will see price changes due to rarity, but it is still an Asiimov, just a low float one.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently unless kennyS sells it to you.

Why is it called a Blackiimov?

The Blackiimov name refers to the color and type of Asiimov skin, applied to an AWP. It has a black scope, and that’s what primarily sets it apart from other skins like it, regardless of their type or which weapon they are applied to.

The Blackiimov AWP is also referred to by other names, however. Some call it the Blacksiimov, which is very similar to the Blackiimov name. Still others refer to it by the more literal “black scope” name, because of the darkened scope coloring that makes it stand apart from other skins.

Whatever you call it, there’s no doubting its attractiveness for players, whether in CSGO or CS2. That’s why these skins tend to be hot items on the market, whether they’re real or fake.

Fake AWP Blackiimov’s

Awp 4

The image you see here is a fake AWP Blackiimov. This essentially means that it is edging into Blackiimov territory but didn’t quite make the cut. The float in the image here is 0.86, which has a blackish scope but looks scuffed.

People are often caught trying to sell these Asiimovs as Blackiimovs on markets, which is simply incorrect. It’s not always viewed as a scam, as most of the people who have these skins genuinely believe they are in fact Blackiimovs when they are not. Fake AWP Blackiimovs might be worth some overpay. It just depends on how much you like this type of float.

It wouldn’t be recommended to overpay more than $10 on this, but don’t expect to get that $10 back when you sell it again. It’s just a matter of preference.

AWP Blackiimov classification


Now, this is an AWP Blackiimov. What you can see here is an 0.965 float Blackiimov. The scope is entirely black apart from a slight amount of white by the ocular eyepiece of the scope.

This is entirely acceptable for a lower-end Blackiimov.

The exact classification that makes an Asiimov into a Blackiimov is the float being 0.96 or above. AWP Blackiimovs that are float 0.96 comes in at around the $250 mark.

If you are looking for an entirely black scope, you will find this at around 0.98-0.99 float value. These fully black scope Blackiimovs come in at around $500 if you’re lucky.

Just be careful. Always refer back to this article if you ever want a reminder. It’s rough out there!

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