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Rumors & speculation

What does being ported to Source 2 mean for CSGO?

“Valve needs to port CSGO to Source 2.”

It’s the pink elephant of the community, the one thing everyone seems to agree on would save CSGO. Source 2 comes into the limelight of the CSGO community every so often, as leaks and subtle hints send players into a frenzy.

But what does it actually mean? And can a new engine really fix the problem the game has been struggling with?

A port to Source 2 could see CSGO get similar graphics to Half-Life: Alyx – Image: Valve

CSGO would have better graphics in Source 2

This one is pretty obvious and straightforward.

When comparing CSGO to games developed in the new engine, the difference becomes pretty glaring. With Valve’s most recent release, the VR game Half-Life: Alyx, they’ve shown what the engine is capable of.

And it is way more than the current state of CSGO.

CSGO still runs on the original Source engine, with the second iteration released in 2015. And if you start paying attention to it, it becomes obvious how old the game looks.


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While Valve and community mappers have pushed the engine to the absolute limit and delivered results no one can expect from a 15-year-old game engine, the potential has been reached.

A port to Source 2 would give CSGO and its developers new possibilities to improve the game.

A smoother experience

We all play CSGO in the lowest possible settings, as we try to push our old, crappy PC’s to give us some extra fps. But the minute you enter a smoke or enter a fight, all those precious frames evaporate as snow under the sun.

With the new Source 2 engine, running CSGO will be much smoother.

Gone are the stutters, the drops, the sacrifice of performance if you want to play with decent graphics.

Or at least, that’s what the speculation says.

While the port will initially come with its fair share of bugs and problems, eventually it should lead to an improved experience for players.