Credit: Valve

With the latest update to CS:GO came many changes to the way the game will be played. As CS:GO players are notorious for rejecting changes to their favorite game, many pros and community figures took to Twitter to discuss the changes that were made.

The new nade mechanic

Danish IGL and AWPer MSL doesn’t like the fact that Valve changed a core mechanic of CS:GO. He feels like this change will make it too hard to distinguish between a fake and a real execute. But he didn’t put it quite as harsh as Niko did:

The changes to the gameplay

French Youtuber HOUNGGOON… HUNHUN? GONHON? French Youtuber Yeff took some time to reminisce about the changes to Dust II, as Valve made the middle doors sniping much harder.

Smooya will be struggling with the ‘new Deagle’, as the infamous body shot tactic won’t be as effective as it used to be. But I think we can agree that the deagle should be about hitting those crisp headshots, so this nerve makes sense.

Some smaller details about the update

Caster and former Team Liquid coach Moses pointed out that this game-changing update was released with the Major happening in less than a month. But will we see the Dual Berettas take over the meta on pistol rounds?

Last but not least, French journalist neLendirekt highlighted a small easter egg with one of the new agents.

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