Apart from the few months of the AUG meta, the M4A4 has long been the superior weapon in Counter-Strike. The AUG remained in use by a few players, but the majority of pro player has CT’s buying the A4.

However, as part of Operation Riptide, Valve significantly buffed the M4A1-S. Previously, it dealt 23 damage to the chest and 26 to the stomach. Now, the weapon deals 26 damage to the chest and 33 to the stomach.

Say goodbye to any 99 in 4’s you see on your killfeed as four shots can now kill. At $2900, the weapon is now a must-buy for all CT’s. 

According to pro player Elige of Team Liquid, “The M4A4 doesn’t have anything going for it.” He thinks the M4A1-S is “going to be even better than the AUG.”


Pickrates in IEM Fall 

At IEM Fall Europe, the pickrates are showing just how much the M4A1-S has become the new meta. While the M4A1 has been bought 4.04% of the time, the A1-S was bought 17.79% of the time – almost four times as much.

So, next time you’re about to queue into a game, make sure the M4A1-S is selected. With cooler skins, more damage and a silencer, there is no reason the gun shouldn’t be used. 

Zain Merchant is a writer at jaxon.gg covering competitive first-person shooters, with an emphasis on the two biggest names in FPS esports: Counter-Strike and Valorant. With a background in business analytics, Zain is able to break down everything happening in both CS and Valorant in a way few other authors can. He's also fluent in Japanese.