Welcome, willkommen, benvenuto. Sup, gamers. Welcome to the future.

This is my own app. I made this to share with my inner circle the best and fastest esports news around. Some of it is stuff other people have written, and some of it is written by myself or my minions.

Some of those minions you might already know. I’m not one to name drop, but my good friends Anders Blume, Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain and Mitch ‘MitchMan’ McBride might be. Oops, guess I did.

My pieces are the best, obviously. You get the truth nobody else wants to tell you – mainly as my opinions are all facts. I’ve never been wrong.

Don’t worry though, they’re short AF. We’re all busy people, and nobody has time to read 100 long articles – that’s why I give you a handful of good ones. Oh, and some videos, interviews, recaps – anything you might want.

Beta launch

My app, just like my helmet, is still in development; so if you see something funky happening let us know and I’ll get my minions to fix it. Unless it’s funky in a good way, in which case it was probably my doing anyway.

I cover DOTA 2, LoL, CSGO, Valorant and Fortnite for now – those other communities aren’t ready to handle me. In the future, though, who knows? Well, I do. But I can’t tell you just yet.

Catch me on socials

If you’re looking to get your news between games, or while you’re waiting to respawn, I’m your mate.

Catch me on your favourite socials as @JaxonMVP, or alternatively, miss out on gold. Your choice.

Karan Rathod is a writer for jaxon.gg covering anything and everything to do with Dota 2. Few people love Dota as much as Karan, whether it's grinding away in pub games or watching the latest competitive tournament and breaking down the results. In addition to their great love of Dota 2, Karan also enjoys hitting the gym for some exercise and sitting down with a nice book.