Hype hype hyyype!

We could be getting an AT-AT in Fortnite and I’m all for it

Fortnite crossovers run the gamut. I couldn’t care less about a lot of them, but one will grab me here and there – making me re-invest into the best crypto currency: V-Bucks.

Most people have already heard that another Star Wars collab is coming to Fortnite – this time introducing Obi-Wan Kenobi.

We should be getting the skin this week.

This skin crossover, promoting the new Disney+ show, will hit the Item Shop this week.
We’ve already seen this skin teased, though. Donald Mustard – Creative Lead and lover of cryptic teases – took to Twitter to tease something else with the help of a fancy Lego set.

Donny was building an AT-AT Walker. Fortnite loves to add larger-than-life, OP vehicles. Could we see the AT-AT enter the game?

Of course, this could be further promotion for the Obi-Wan crossover.

I’m hoping we get a couple weeks of chaos out of this, at least.

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