Credit: Activision

So Quick

Warzone Mobile has already crossed 15 million pre-registrations

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, the upcoming battle royale shooter for Android and iOS devices, has crossed 15 million pre-registrations.

The game has achieved this momentous feat in just 12 days since it was announced on Sept. 15. Furthermore, this number comes only from Google Play Store pre-registrations as Warzone Mobile is still not available on Apple’s App Store.

The Call of Duty Twitter account revealed that this has made it the fastest game by Activision, Blizzard, and King to cross 15 million pre-registrations.

Activision is giving out unique rewards to the players who pre-register for Warzone Mobile at different milestones.

For 15 million pre-registrations, the Archfiend has been unlocked. This will likely be given out to all players who have pre-registered after the game is released.

Warzone Mobile Pre-registration rewards

Now, only the 25 million pre-registrations milestone is remaining. The reward for this hasn’t been revealed yet, though.

It’s unclear when the pre-registrations will be opened on iOS.

Warzone Mobile will feature 120 player lobbies on the original Verdansk map. After the hugely successful Call of Duty: Mobile, this will be Activision’s second Call of Duty game for mobile devices.

Alpha gameplay of Warzone Mobile

With the 15 million pre-registration milestone in under two weeks, it seems Activision’s investment into mobile gaming is paying off.

Activision hasn’t revealed an official release date for Warzone Mobile yet, though. The developer has only said that it will be coming sometime in 2023.

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