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Release Date is close?

Warzone Mobile gets new social media accounts

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile has gotten new Instagram and Twitter accounts as players wait in anticipation for the upcoming battle royale title.

The Twitter account is private with just one follower. The Instagram account, on the other hand, has already been verified and has accumulated more than 25,000 followers.

Warzone Mobile's Instagram account
Warzone Mobile’s Instagram account

The Instagram account has also made a post with the picture of Project Aurora, which is the codename for the game when it was under development.

Warzone Mobile is set to be officially unveiled on Sept. 15 at the Call of Duty Next. An official release date for the game is also expected to be revealed at the event.


Several content creators have already received invites to test out Warzone Mobile ahead of its official unveiling. It’s expected that they will be streaming or uploading videos of the game after Sept. 15.

The battle royale title has been in development for quite some time and will be a standalone game for Android and iOS devices.

Some gameplay footage had leaked earlier this year which showed that the Verdansk map will be returning to Warzone’s upcoming mobile version.

With the release of Warzone Mobile, it’s unclear what this means for Call of Duty: Mobile, especially for its battle royale mode.

While the majority of CoD: Mobile players likely play the multiplayer modes, there is still a sizable battle royale community. This community will probably migrate to Warzone Mobile when it releases.

It remains to be seen what Activision does regarding this issue.