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Warzone 2.0: best drop locations to kickstart the match

Warzone 2.0 has a lot of good drop locations, but the best drop sites are not common knowledge. The following areas contain guns and armor and have an overall great location to help you gain the strategic advantage for the rest of the Warzone match.

Warzone 2.0 offers a diverse set of locations. Some are noticeably more effective than others in strategy and map placement, the main factor being height advantage.

The map has a sort of height “code” to it, and if you want any fighting chance of successfully winning the match, you will have to be aware of the game’s mechanics.

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Drop locations – everything you need to know

Drop locations are the most crucial feature within Warzone victories; they ultimately influence the future of the match for you. If you mess them up, you will fail miserably and most definitely fail to secure the much-deserved victory.

Here are the following best drop locations:

  • Observatory – height advantage/center map
  • Rohan Oil – freedom to move/train access
  • Airport – freedom to move/train access
  • Hydroelectric – center map/access to the height advantage

These locations are vital as they offer easy access to the rest of the map, the areas aren’t too “contained,” and you can escape or fight easily. Each location contains excellent gear, enough for several quad teams.

Space and access are vital because of the safe zone; leaving a place of advantage to running through a lake or bridge in the open to gain access to the safe zone is mostly where you will find your demise. You want to kill those players, not be them.

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Setting up your location

After landing, you will need a plan: what to do if, where to go after, formation while running, weapon class distribution, and much more. You don’t want to run across open land without sniper rifle support, and that’s only just the beginning.

The best location is one out of sight and requires players to put themselves in danger trying to reach you, and if you feel like your location is vulnerable, that’s because it is.

Location is all about adaptation. If you are on top of Observatory, you most likely won’t need a close-range rifle. a sniper rifle and submachine gun will be more appropriate as you will only experience close or long-range combat.

Players who decide to land at Ahkdar Village and Al Sharim Pass will receive incoming sniper rifle fire from Observatory. We highly recommend you avoid them, as many victors have mentioned “I have the high ground” moments before success…