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Volvo pls: OG Misha lags and disconnects at TI11, cannot reconnect

Mikhail “Misha” Agatov faced an unprecedented disconnect bug during the OG vs Team Liquid series at TI11, and Valve fixed it after a pause that lasted nearly two hours.

The OG captain lagged in the middle of game one, because of server issues, and attempted to reconnect by the classic disconnect-reconnect method.


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What happened before the bug?

OG and Team Liquid are currently tied for fourth place in Group A at the TI11 Group Stage. The series was a highly anticipated one as the two Western European behemoths clashed.

The game started on an equal footing but OG quickly found their groove and started dominating Team Liquid in a formidable manner.

They accrued significant leads to the extent that the ESL One Stockholm Major Champions were ahead in gold and experience by approximately 16k.

However, the disconnect bug hit OG Misha in a crucial series at the TI11 Group Stage that would determine which team would end up in the top half of the group albeit temporarily.

A game bug forces OG Misha to “abandon” at TI11

TI11 OG disconnect bug
Photo by OG

The game bug which affected Misha’s ability to play in the OG vs Team Liquid series appeared at a very inconvenient time.

The probable outcome is still awaited and it would be interesting to see the solution Valve/PGL comes up with.

Update at 11:36 a.m. CET: after a two-hour pause, Valve has fixed the disconnect bug and resumed the game. Misha is back on the server, and OG may continue where it left off. We will leave the section below as it was accurate before the pause.

If they are able to reconnect prior to the time of disconnection, it would elicit a welcome response from the Dota 2 community.

However, if they are unable to find a probable solution then OG “might” be forced to complete the game against Team Liquid in a 4v5 situation.

There is also Team Liquid, who are known for their utmost competitive integrity, and it would be promising to see how the event unfolds.

We will keep you updated with the latest findings on the outcome of the series. Let’s hope that the integrity of the tournament is held intact.