Credit: Riot Games

Vladimir mains rejoice: durability changes on the horizon for Patch 12.10

Riot Games recently announced massive changes to League of Legends champion durability ahead of Patch 12.10, set to release Wednesday, May 25.

League designer Riot Phlox addressed the community on Twitter with all the details, including overall health buffs, and nerfs to healing and Armor/Magic Penetration items.

All Champions will receive an extra 70hp at level 1, 14 Health per level, and slight increases to scaling Armor and MR.

Phlox also explained why they will tone down healing and shielding: “sustain champs would be absolutely unkillable and buffed way more than their counterparts.” However, panicking Vladimir mains rejoice: Riot will also nerf Grevious Wounds by 10% nerf, so the healing nerfs won’t feel as bad for them.

Upon 12.10’s release, players may feel that they are dealing less overall damage as skirmishes and teamfights will last longer, especially as Armor/Magic Pen items are nerfed by 5-10%. As such, AD Carry players will most likely complain (as usual).

However, Zed mains’ complaints will be justified, and we feel you: you won’t be able to one-shot anyone anymore. On top of being unable to do your job, you can’t even dive towers after Patch 12.10 because those towers will hit much harder.

Jokes aside for Zed mains, burst champions will have to commit harder or be further ahead to get easy kills. Changes will also open more windows of opportunity for counterplay across the board as champions won’t blink out of existence out of nowhere.

If things go awry after the patch, Phlox has announced that a balance micropatch will follow as 12.10 is a “pretty disruptive patch.” So, please: before you go on Reddit and complain how League was best in Season 5, give it a day or two at least.

By the way, Baron will deal more damage too. Everyone will feel the wrath of the Dignitas baron now.

Zoran Papak is a Croatian esports writer for His biggest passion and emphasis by far is League of Legends, and he diligently covers the esports scene for the world's biggest MOBA. His knowledge of competitive LoL is equaled by only a scarce few. When he's not bringing the latest news from the League of Legends scene, Zoran also contributes coverage in other areas, including in competitive Counter-Strike.