Vitality out, NaVi through on day three of Katowice

ZywOo's Katowice curse continues to affect him as Vitality fall out of contention in 9-12th place, after a disappointing loss to a buoyant Gambit team.

Vitality were in a great position to take map two, but Ax1le was indomitable and refused to lose, picking up multiple entries into the site and winning innumerable unfavourable duels to turn the game on its head.

That followed a map that was ZywOo's worst LAN map EVER, as he collected just three kills on Mirage.

NaVi rampant, G2 decisive

The big boys took huge wins as NaVi tore FURIA limb from limb on Mirage and finished them off cleanly on map two.

FURIA have one more chance as they take on G2 tomorrow, who did what NaVi did to FURIA, to Liquid. A 16-8 16-5 victory is about as convincing as it gets at this level, and there's no prizes for guessing who took the headlines for G2.

A stellar performance from Astralis' new boys blameF and k0nfig was enough to see the Danes past a plucky ENCE side. 

ENCE took map one in overtime, but Astralis held their nerve to survive until tomorrow at least; where they face fnatic.

fnatic vs FaZe was a super intriguing game, with FaZe smashing fnatic on Overpass, but coming out second best tactically on Inferno as ALEX called an exceptional T side.

FaZe, however, with ropz back in the side, have the firepower on this roster to scare anyone - and all five players put up similar kill and damage numbers throughout the series. It was new boy ropz - backed up by karrigan - who took over on Mirage to catapult FaZe into the Spodek Arena,, with a game against NaVi to decide top spot.

That game will be a huge one.

Finally, NiP kicked MOUZ out with aplomb, as phzy showed up big time on Ancient to 2-0 the international team.