Credit: PGL

Vitality lock-in BLAST Finals spot, G2 to Last Chance tiebreaker

Vitality has successfully qualified for the BLAST Premier Spring Finals. They beat G2 2-1, as Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen had a very strong performance. G2 will battle MIBR tomorrow in the Last Chance tiebreaker.

Vitality started strong on their own map pick, Inferno. With in-game leader Dan “apEX” Madesclaire and dupreeh both netting 22 frags, they took the opener 16-10.

On Mirage, Vitality struggled to have any impact. With the former Astralis players and coach having close to no experience on the map, G2’s 16-4 victory wasn’t surprising at all.

Vitality will have to find a way to fix the weakness in their map pool in the upcoming weeks or make Mirage their permaban.

A very strong CT-side was enough to secure the third map, Dust II, for Vitality. G2 couldn’t get their game plan to work out as intended, despite winning some clutches.

With the win, Vitality has secured a spot in the Spring Finals at BLAST. G2 get a second chance, facing MIBR in the tiebreaker tomorrow.

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