Credit: BLAST

Vitality has eliminated Entropig from the PGL Stockholm Major, locking in a spot in the quarterfinals in the process. The French powerhouse initially dropped down to a 0-2 record in the Legends stage but managed to fight back.

The first two maps of the series were highly competitive and could have swung both ways. Vitality edged out Mirage, Entropiq fought back on Overpass, despite an impressive ace from shox.

Entropiq picked Dust II as the decider over Nuke, but the Russians will regret that decision in hindsight. They met a red hot Vitality, despite the previous shaky performances the French squad had on the map during the Major.

With zywOo showing glimpses of his best form, shox and misutaa being close to unkillable, and apEX showing that him taking up the mantle of IGL doesn’t mean that he can’t frag out every once in a while anymore, Vitality showed that they’re ready for the playoffs.

While Entropiq will be disappointed at missing out on a playoff birth, the Russian team has thoroughly impressed at the event. The team took down both Gambit and Liquid and pushed Furia and Vitality to a third map.

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