The future of France

Vitality and G2’s loss is French Counter-Strike’s gain

French Counter-Strike fans haven’t had it easy in the last year or so.

Boo f***ing hoo. You had your time.

Vitality went Danish, and downhill, and G2 had one French player who is supposedly leaving.

But I’m bored of talking about those teams in particular; their moves give French CS some sort of silver lining.

Old dogs, new tricks

If it’s true that misutaaa is leaving Vitality and JACKZ is leaving G2, that’s two new players for HEET and Falcons to pick up; which is important.

HEET are the de facto best French team if these moves go through, which is… jarring, but true.

The good news for French fans is that HEET are actually pretty decent, and Falcons aren’t too far behind them.

But they’re not quite top-tier; which is where the newly-baptized duo come in.

misutaaa isn’t quite consistent enough to be a superstar at the top, top level; but that doesn’t mean he won’t be an X factor for a team aiming to get to the top tier.

When he had slightly better roles, he looked at times like a genuinely great player, and at his worst an average tier one pro.

That is something HEET don’t quite have; they’re a very solid, consistent team with a boatload of experience, but no real ‘it’ factor.

MisutaaaatAntwerpMajor2022EURMR E1659011058688
Source: PGL

Falcons, on the other hand, have bits and pieces, but could really use a guiding figure. An older head who knows what it takes to be on a great team. Someone like JACKZ.

JACKZ has been underwhelming on G2 as of recent, but he’s been relegated to a pure support player who has better mechanical ability than most.

That said, dropping down a tier, playing in his native language and given marginally better positions will almost certainly see an uptick in rating and impact.

Replacing anyone on those teams is a very difficult decision; truth be told, neither need to cut anyone and it’s going to be a tough choice. Especially for HEET, who are not a massive org and can’t throw money around.

To be a great team, though, requires risk taking. This is a risk, but one that could be massive in the future of French Counter-Strike.

JACKZ could be an excellent mentor for younger talent, and misutaaa can still be a star – while also bringing top tier experience.

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