Visual audio: how does Epic nerf a setting for deaf people?

Anyone who has been playing or watching Fortnite, recently, has noticed the newest trend in the game. Everyone is using visual audio to show footsteps, chests, reboots, ziplines, shots, and everything else on their screen.

As soon a you turn on the setting, you realize why this is. The visual audio gives you cues that you'd never hear with your ears, alone. You can see gunfights and drivers from miles away, directing everyone to where the action is happening.

Visual audio is undoubtedly overpowered. Epic made the setting for deaf people, not to give everyone the advantage of seeing things they can't hear. They probably don't want all of their top content creator cluttering their screens with this setting, but what can they do?

Can Epic really nerf a setting that's designed to help the hearing impaired?


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Despite the thumbnail of Sypher's video, visual audio has always been this strong. Competitive players have been using it for years. Only recently, has it been adopted by the wider community.

It's a hilarious pickle that Epic find themselves in. The setting is far too strong for people with working ears, but it's designed for those who are hard of hearing. Can they really nerf the latter group's ability to play Fortnite because the rest of us are exploiting it.

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Remember Ewok? The deaf Fortnite streamer who was signed by FaZe back in the day? They were still cracked, to be sure, but it doesn't seem as impressive as it did back then. As it turns out, they probably saw more than we heard.

Since Epic are in such a predicament, I don't see them changing the setting. I don't have a solution hear; other than that you should be using visual audio if you aren't already.

It's just a funny situation that Epic are in. Part of me wants to see them nerf it so they get roasted for alienating deaf people. I don't think they can, though, so you might as well join the rest of us and turn visual audio on.