Credit: OG Esports

VISA DENIED! Ceb and Notail to stand-in for their Russian comrades

The famed OG duo and multiple TI winners, Ceb and Notail, will spring back to action at the ESL One Stockholm Dota 2 Major 2022.

Technically coming out of retirement to stand-in for Misha, Ceb will take over the captain role and guide the young squad on their quest to capture the Major trophy.

Visas for OG’s coach, Chuvash, and captain, Misha — both hailing from Russia — were unfortunately denied, thus making them ineligible to compete.

CIS players, especially from Russia and Belarus, are having difficulties in securing visas to European countries citing the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war.

Needless to say, the missing spots had to be filled and who better than Ceb and Notail to fill in?

While Ceb replaces Misha, Notail will take over the coaching duties and together both the OG stalwarts will strive to win the trophy.

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