Virtus.pro eliminate FaZe, lock in playoff spot in Stockholm

Virtus.pro has locked in a spot on the stage of the Avicii Arena, following a drawn-out game against FaZe Clan.

FaZe started the series out strong, locking out VP on the defense of Inferno. The international mixture racked up 10 rounds, which they managed to convert to a map win in the second half.

Virtus.pro had to come back on arguably their weakest map, Ancient. But when all looked lost, YEKINDAR stepped up. The aggressive entry fragger has had quite a strong performance so far in the event, but his space-making was needed more than ever to give Virtus.pro the 16-14 victory.

Overpass, the decider, could have swung both ways. Had karrigan completed the ace when FaZe was 11-13 behind, they might have been able to win it. But it remained a story of what-ifs, as Virtus.pro narrowly closed out the map to secure the series win.

By winning, Virtus.pro secure a spot in the playoffs and send FaZe home in the process. With three teams in the top eight of the event, CIS has established itself in the highest tier of Counter-Strike.

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