Victorious Sejuani is one of the many 2022 season rewards in League of Legends.
Credit: Riot Games

Grab your prize

How to get Victorious Sejuani and all other seasonal rewards in 2022

League of Legends’ Ranked Season 12 will reach its end on November 14, 2022, and Riot Games has revealed all the seasonal rewards including two skins, Victorious Sejuani and Three Honors Malzahar. 

Besides that, players can score the usual Summoner Icon and Banner based on their ranking at the end of the season. Riot will also complement players with chromas corresponding to each additional tier they hit above Gold rank.

Furthermore, there will be Clash rewards based on Victory Points and an Honor Capsule based on Honor level. 

Photo via: Riot Games

Sejuani receives the Victorious skin treatment in 2022

The prize in focus for this year’s ranked struggles is Victorious Sejuani. As is tradition with Victorious skins, any player who reaches Gold rank or higher in solo/duo or flex queue will earn the skin reward.

As is the case since 2017, players can receive additional Chromas based on them, ensuring that the highest-rated players can flex from next season.

Sejuani joins the following champions in receiving a Victorious skin:

  • Jarvan IV (2011)
  • Janna (2012)
  • Elise (2013)
  • Morgana (2014)
  • Sivir (2015)
  • Maokai (2016)
  • Graves (2017)
  • Orianna (2018)
  • Aatrox (2019)
  • Lucian (2020)
  • Blitzcrank (2021)

Honor rewards have leveled up with Three Honors Malzahar

Riot will also introduce a special Honor skin this season for players who reach Honor Level 5: Three Honors Malzahar. This could turn out to be the rarest of the two skins, with only the most well-behaved players being able to get it.

Three Honor Malzahar will come together with a random ward skin, random permanent emote, and six key shards in an honor capsule.

Three Honors Malzahar's splash art will greet honorable players in 2022.
Photo via: Riot Games

With Season 12 officially ending on November 14, 2022, players only have a few weeks to climb the ladder and improve their rewards. 

Reaching Gold rank will be the first major obstacle, but don’t stop after that: there are many other rewards to chase. As you go for the last climb, make sure to keep your Honor level intact, as this has a significant influence on the rewards you get.

Time is ticking, so good luck chasing the rewards for the season.

End of 2022 Season Rewards FAQ

League of Legends Season 12 is set to end on Monday, November 14, at 11:59:59 PM in your server’s local time. You can no longer improve your seasonal rewards when the season ends, but your rank won’t disappear instantly.

Riot Games will award players that have reached Gold rank or higher in solo/duo or flex queue with the Victorious Sejuani skin. Players will also get a unique Season 12 icon and loading screen banner equivalent to their rank when the season ends.

To get the Victorious Sejuani skin, you must finish the season in Gold rank or higher. If you rank below Gold when the season ends on November 14, you won’t be able to acquire the coveted skin.

Honor rewards will be significant in Season 12, as Riot will give out capsules based on your Honor level. If you are Honor level 3 or above, you will receive a capsule. The capsules will be better the higher level you are, containing key shards, ward skins, emotes, and more. The grand prize will be the Three Honors Malzahar skin, given to players in Honor level 5.

You will get Three Honors Malzahar after Season 12 concludes if you finish in Honor level 5. The skin will, therefore, be a special bonus for the players who have behaved the best throughout the season and were honorable teammates.

Ranked rewards for Season 12 will go out starting from Patch 12.22 on November 15. All accounts should be rewarded by December 14, according to Riot. Like 2021, Ranked rewards will be distributed through missions: you just have to log in to get them.

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