Credit: Catfood and Brute

Tuscan has finally entered its beta. A former CS 1.6 fan-favorite map has sadly never seen the light of day in Global Offensive… until now.

A long-awaited remake made by catfood and Brute, Tuscan has now been placed on the Steam workshop in a Beta form. You can playtest both in FACEITs Mapcore Hub for a week and within catfood’s discord server.

This couldn’t come at a better time for Counter-Strike. The map pool is ridden with stale maps and, even worse, Vertigo. But do we finally have a map worthy of ridding us of the sins of that map? We’ve been calling to change it up for a while.

In short: yes, a whistle-stop tour of Tuscan shows us a bright, colorful map that is far superior to Vertigo’s ugly block colors. It could be argued it’s quite similar to Inferno, but honestly, who cares at this point as long as Vertigo is gone?

Image: Catfood & Brute

The map’s layout is classic Counter-Strike. First impressions are terrifying as you quickly realize every angle that will make you punch your desk, but the main draw is that while the map is unique, it very clearly feels like a CS map. It’s a great start.

We’ll see how the map fares in its Beta tests, but we’re very hopeful that players enjoy it enough that Valve is forced to take notice. Pro players too will be asked to give opinions on the map, which hopefully should aid it in becoming good enough to take a place within the map pool.

To further develop the map, the makers now need data. Data they can only get by players playing the map in a competitive scenario.

So if you want the Vertigo killer to become even better, or are just simply tired of queuing Mirage, give the map a shot.

You can download the Tuscan beta version here.

“Even if this map is bad, we should all agree to say we like it so we never have to play Vertigo again.”

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