The rest of the EU region is battling it out to join G2, Guild, Acend, and FPX in the Challengers Playoffs.

Today, we’re watching the first round of this main event to see which teams have what it takes to move to the next round.

Riot Games

Team Liquid (2) vs Vitality (1)

Vitality came out early, looking to upset Liquid with a close win on Bind.

Liquid came back with a vengeance on Split, destroying Vitality 13-3.

On the final map of Breeze, Liquid took a commanding lead and staved-off the comeback to win 13-9.

TENSTAR (2) vs Team BDS (1)

On the alternate stream, TENSTAR came out swinging, winning a 13-3 match on Breeze.

TENSTAR brought it back on Haven, though, as they won a dominant 13-9 game, finishing things with an impressive come-from-behind victory on Icebox.

FNATIC (2) vs Alliance (0)

Haven was a back-and-forth battle that went deep into overtime, showing how competitive EU truly is.

FNATIC ended up taking the map 14-12.

Although Icebox was close, FNATIC controlled most of the play and took home a 13-7 win, sending Alliance to the lower bracket.

Rix.GG Thunder (0) vs Giants Gaming (2)

Giants showed a dominant performance on Split, taking the map 13-7. They had a nearly equal win rate on both attack and defense.

Bind was closer, but ended in the same result. Giants was the better team today, with a 2-0 series win.

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