VCT Masters 3: Schedule, Streams & Everything Else You Need to Know

The final VCT Masters event of the year is almost here, with the top teams in the world competing for money, pride, and a chance to move onto the World Championship at the end of the year.

If you want to look at the format and see the implications of the event, you can take a look at our article here.

Ahead, we’ll cover everything else you need to know about the tournament

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Schedule & Teams

Unlike the other Masters events, Masters 3 will feature a group stage where four teams – one from each region – compete to make it into the final bracket.

The event will begin on September 10, with a 16:00 CEST matchup between KRU Esports and Zeta Division. The group stage will continue this way for the next week, ending on September 16.

From there, we’re into the Main event with the Quarters, Semifinals, and Finals running through September 19.

You can take a look at the full preliminary schedule in the image below.

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How to watch

You can watch the entire tournament on the official Valorant YouTube and Twitch channels.

Since there isn’t any overlap between games, ValorantEsports2 and ValorantEsports3 will only be hosting the main stream – if they go live at all.

The lack of overlap also means that if a game takes a 2-hour technical break, all of the other teams will have to wait their turns.

Of course, streamers like Shroud and Myth will likely be co-streaming Masters as well.

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