Valve releases DPC Battle Pass, Drow Ranger Arcana, Mirana Persona and experimental controller feature

True to its character, Valve has shipped a new event mode with Aghanim's Labyrinth just in time for the holidays. Along with the new mode, they have also released Dread Retribution -- an Arcana bundle for Drow Ranger, and Mirana's Persona from Dragon's Blood Netflix series, albeit behind a paywall.

Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum


Aghanim the all-powerful returns, bringing an all-new Battle Pass and event mode in tow — and this time he needs your help!

Thanks to a mishap with the Continuum Device, Aghanim's magical prowess is now spread dangerously thin amongst a gang of alter egos that have materialized on our world from elsewhere in the multiverse.

Without the ability to foray into the Continuum Vault himself to fish them out and restore the balance of his power, Aghanim must rely upon four brave heroes to rescue his doppelgangers and put this entire Continuum mess to rest.

Self explanatory, no? Four brave warriors need to restore the balance in the ultimate chaos to bring peace and stability.

Drow Ranger Arcana


The fiery queen makes a triumphant return with an ever impressive Arcana bundle shipped by Valve albeit behind the "levels" paywall. Yes, you read it right.

You can get your hands on the new arcana at Level 333, so you either level up by earning points through quests via the Battle Pass, or just level up your Battle Pass by purchasing points.

Talk about making Valve wealthier than they already are, eh?

Nonetheless, the Arcana includes an all new model and pedestal for Drow Ranger, custom animations and effects as well as custom hero assets, 800+ Arcana exclusive voice lines, custom kill and special item effects, and the ever intimidating unlockable second style.

Mirana Persona


Mirana's persona from the popular Dota 2 Netflix series, DOTA: Dragon's Blood, has been shipped to the in-game client. All you require is to reach level 235 to get your hands on it.

Experimental controller feature

Dota can now optionally be played using a controller instead of the classic keyboard-mouse combination.  An experimental feature that gives players a new way to interface with their favorite fight. Players can switch according to their convenience from the controller to mouse+keyboard setup on the fly.

More information and features regarding the new update can be found here.