Valve provides additional update amid massive community backlash

Valve's decision of cancelling the Winter Major didn't sit too well with the community.

The community was disheartened and hurt, with anger rushing down the veins, over Valve's decision to abruptly call off the Major.

It wasn't only the community but also the players and talents that expressed their displeasure.

Weeks of hard work going down the drain, points being erratically redistributed towards the second and third major, no mention whatsoever of the $500,000 Major prize pool - were definitely the catalyst in lighting up the fire.

Ponlo talks about flying to the other side of the world and making around $2000 post expenses.

Dota 2 personalities such as SirActionSlacks and Sajedene talk about hosting tournaments in lieu of the Major being cancelled.

Boom questioning his decision to commit to Dota as the "worst possible decision" in his life.

Popular hero guide maker, Torte de Lini, on the lack of communication from Valve.

Sumail with the straight talk on either having a united front or the death of Dota.


There is plenty more out there but the backlash did elicit a hopeful response from Valve nonetheless.

Matthew Bailey, Director of Operations, Team Secret provided an update regarding Valve's communication in regards to exploring options of hosting a tournament.

What are your thoughts?